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Come together with your friends and ring Cheryl to organise a group training.

Dog Training with acres of playgrounds
and a personal space for every dog

Your dog is trained on a secure property fenced in with a 1.80 M fence and is monitored all the time. Our 25 years long experience in dog behaviour allows us to spot a disruption in your dog's normal behaviour pattern followed up by prompt action and veterinary advice if needed

Hygiene is paramount with Coastal Country Dog training. Your dog will be trained and accommodated in a clean and safe environment.

Inside the spacious enclosed area's each dog is able to enjoy their very own space with a dedicated sleeping area. When not in their pens or in training the dogs have acres for play and run

A few requirement when you bring your dog for training

  • Must have been treated for fleas

  • Wormed wit Drontal All wormer at least two days before arriving

  • C5 Vaccination is essential • Fresh linen and clean bedding is expected

  • Bring their favourite toy. Makes them feel at ease

  • Bring some of their usual food. That way new food wil be introduced gradually

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