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Cheryl Spring Dog Trainer

Cheryl Reilly
is a former RAAF police dog trainer with more then 30 years experience in corrective dog behaviour and management. Cheryl's experience and exceptional skills will teach you and your dog the way to a happy lasting relationship.

'It does not take months or even weeks to train a dog.
With the right know how and experience a professional
trainer will get instant results and will give you the skills
to keep on managing your dog.


Understand your dog

We'll to help you to resolve common and not so common behavioural problems people have with dogs. Most common behavioural problems such as pulling on leash, separation anxiety, not coming back when called , having no control on or off leash, jumping on you your family and other people, nipping and biting at you or others, dog aggression, animal aggression ie cats, chasing livestock, wildlife etc, dominance with children and or people, hectic behaviour, destructive behaviour, jumping fences, having no control once there is distractions and dog is out of cotton wool box environment, mind games such as rolling on back, urinating when excited or approached...
These are just a few of the problems people are having with their dogs and for which Coastal Country has the solution.

    • We train dogs to have good control within very stimulating environments utilising other people dogs and other animals.
    • We do not make excuses and or train in cotton wool box environments with dogs.
    • We will teach you to train your dog in a balanced way.
    • Be confident when teaching your dog commands.
    • Utilising a variety of methodology in the training.
    • Know why you should never repeat a command.
    • How to make your dog calm and compliant by correct training.
    • Only take minimum amount of training to achieve instant results by clear communication.
    • To be a knowledgeable leader to gain respect and a focused dog.
    • How to enjoy your dog and make them the best dog they can be.
    • How to recognise and correct behavioural problems efficiently.
    • Having the skills to be a switched on leader so that your dog respects you.


About Cheryl

Cheryl Reilly is a qualified former RAAF Police Dog trainer, with 32 years experience and uses an refreshing effective approach to train you and your dog, establishing a happy relationship both can enjoy.

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04 1613 6633



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