Cheryl Spring
is a former RAAF police dog trainer
with more then 30 years experience in
corrective dog behaviour and management.

Cheryl's experience and exceptional skills will teach you and your dog the way to a happy lasting relationship.

'It does not take months or even weeks to train a dog.
With the right know how and experience a professional
trainer will get instant results and will give you the skills
to keep on managing your dog.


Understand your dog

  • Be confident when teaching your dog commands.
  • Developing willingness to please for easy trainability.
  • Utilising a variety of methodology in the training.
  • Know why you should never repeat a command.
  • How to make your dog calm and compliant by correct training.
  • Only take minimum amount of training to achieve instant results by clear communication.
  • To be a knowledgeable leader to gain respect and a focused dog.
  • How to enjoy your dog and make them the best dog they can be.

Shape wanted behaviours

  • How to recognise and correct behavioural problems efficiently.
  • Having the skills to be a switched on leader so your dog respects you.
  • The importance of good foundation in all aspects of training.
  • Teaching you what a good foundation is and structuring your dog.
  • How to be efficient in correction with minimum effort max return.
  • The different types of praise and correction.
  • Different types of drives in training.
  • How to be efficient with corrections.

Target unwanted behaviours

  • To be consistent and reinforce wanted behaviours.
  • How not to unwillingly shape behavioural problems.
  • Correct timing of rewards.
  • Recognising behavioural problems and instantly how to solve.
  • The importance of environmental structure to your training.
  • Setting realistic training goals and achieving them with minimum fuss to enable you to have less stress more fun and enjoy your dogs.
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