Coco's Story

I sent my dog Coco, a kelpie cross, along to Cheryl at Coastal/Country Dog Training last month to iron out a few behavioural problems. Being an RSPCA long term dog she had no stability and no Boss, so she would do what ever she wanted. She would jump all over you, run after other dogs ignoring the command to return and pull your arms out of their sockets when walking on the lead. Being 28kg, that was definitely not good. I now have a dog that walks beside me on the lead, returns on command and definitely knows who is Boss. I think the most important thing that Cheryl did for me was to show me how to be in charge of my dog. I agree, after watching other dog owners with their dogs, that it is equally important to train the owner as well as the dog. The other point I think was important with this training was that good behaviour was rewarded with kind words and lots of pats rather than doggy treats. It meant you don't have to walk around with pockets full of dog biscuits to maintain good behaviour. You can re affirm training anywhere at any time with your voice and body language instead of needing to carry treats. Thanks for your help Cheryl, I don't think I could have put up with a dog behaving the way Coco did for much longer.


Simon's Story

Since Simon’s training at Coastal Country Dog Training he has become a more relaxed dog making shared activities much more pleasurable for both of us. As well as breaking some of the bad habits we had both acquired, Simon is also now responsive to all of the basic obedience commands. As a result, he now gets to enjoy regular visits to the park and the beach and I’m no longer tearing my hair out. Thanks for taking some of the terrorist out of this terrier.


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