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How long does it take to train a dog?

With the right knowledge training a dog can be quick and efficient by simply correcting unwanted behaviours and shaping behaviours we want. All dogs responds instantly to correct training and management. Most behaviours problems come from lack of knowledge. Correct training methods and experienced handling achieve instant result.

Are all dogs trainable ?

Yes as long as the dogs physically and mentally sound. What is the right age to train a dog -is my dog to old? The best age to start advanced training a dog is 16 weeks, and up to any age as long as the dog is physically sound. Age is no barrier.

Do the dogs get to socialise with other dogs ?

Yes, all dogs get to interact with other non aggressive dogs of their own body weight. If a dog is aggressive we keep him or her apart and we teach the dog to socialise in a controlled training situation.

Is there a waiting list for the training?

There are a lot of naughty dogs out there. Ring Cheryl on 02 6683 2783 to make a booking. It is your first step to take control again.

How do the dogs behave at the completion of the training course ?

On the completion the owner/s are also trained in all aspects of the continuation training and work with their dog in a high stimulus environment. The owner can feel confident about the dogs ability to work under their instructions.

Do I get a guarantee that the training will be effective ?

We stand by our claim. All owners are instructed thoroughly before leaving. An individualised continuation training management plan is provided. Don't hesitate to call us for any further assistance.

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